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Part of a larger dissertation project a companion app for a climate crisis board game. The Geo Archipelago companion app consists of a digital version of the physical board game. 3D islands, animated boats in the sea and moving counters brings the board to life.

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Along with a digital game, the app provides additional information on each of the cards this helps make a fun game educational due to each of the characters being based on real-life scientists and researchers. The card information can be found using a simple menu screen within the app or by tapping the playing cards on the app itself this 'magic' is achieved with NFC chips being built into the playing cards themselves. (To find out more click the link to the board game at the bottom of the page)

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Geo Archipelago Board game

Geo Archipelago is a board game based on the ongoing climate crisis and the impacts of geoengineering click to view project.

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