Entrance of the being human exhibition

Being Human Exhibition Campaign

Being Human is an exhibition in London at the Welcome Collection, exploring what it means to be human, based on the exhibition I created a simple little animation going through various installations in the exhibit all leading to a single message how Water is Life.

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Some of the few exhibits that inspired me the most consisted of the refugee astronaut, Issac Murdoc's Water Is Life poster and the zebrafish tank. The refugee astronaut can be seen holding his belongings embarking on a great journey. Zebrafish share 70% of the same genes as humans due to this factor they are commonly used for medical research. The final animation was designed using both Procreate and After effects turning all the exhibitions I saw into a small narrative about how water impacts our life. A liquid blob can be seen running throughout the animation interacting with the elements on screen the blob is inspired by decorative elements in the Water is life poster.

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